EM6325 Password as stated on the ID / Password Card no longer works. Change password via the APP

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This occurs after the camera has been reset to the factory default settings (reset).

The default password is: ipcam

Password can be changed again as stated on the ID / Password card, or you can generate another password yourself.

You can change this password by following the steps below :

  • Open the CamLine Pro APP
  • Press the menu button of the camera (circle with three dots in the image of the camera in question)
  • Press the settings icon (icon with the image of a gear)
  • Press the "Advanced" button under the Advanced settings menu.
  • Press the "Adjust camera password" button under the Camera password settings menu.
  • Now enter the old password first (in the case of a reset this is "ipcam")
  • Now enter the new password
  • Repeat the new password as confirmation.
  • Press "OK" to enter the new password.