EM6355 micro SD-Card installation

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The video streams can be recorded and be stored onto an internal micro SD-Card.
To install the micro SD-Card you will need to open the IP Camera.
• First remove the 3 screws on the baseEM6360_SD_card_installation_remove_screws.png

• Remove the camera ring from the base

• Unscrew the top and bottom of the dome to open the camera and access the
micro SD-card slot.


• Then plug the micro SD-card into the micro SD-card slot inside the IP Camera.

Note: When you reassemble the camera, please ensure the top and bottom of the
dome is closed tightly to be sure the camera will not have a leakage.

Note: When you plug in the micro SD-card while the camera is powered, please
reboot the camera for the micro SD-card to work properly.