EM6230 Download Firmware, Software

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Download firmware for EM6230 :

EM6230 R0 and_R1_V7. firmware

Release notes:
Version V7. (03719-21-B2-VD5) (16-11-2015)
New features:
Exchanged the ActiveX plugin to make the video stream available for more web browsers: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Safari, Firefox.

Bug fix Outlook.com mail server
Bug fix Gmail.com mail server
Bug fix Ziggo.nl mail server

Technical adjustments:
Added STARTTLS to the E-mail settings
Added a RTSP stream: rtsp://IP_adres:554/11
Added a RTSP security On/Off option (default this option is enabled and uses the same credentials used to login to the web interface)

Download software :

e-CamView_PC Software

e-CamView Password reset tool

Use this tool if you lost your password of the IP-Camera to reset the password to "ipcam". Note !After reset please change the password of the camera to a easy to remember personal password to avoid unauthorized access to the cameras video stream.

CamLine_Pro_PC Software (This software can only be used by EM6225 and EM6230 cameras who are migrated to the CamLine Pro platform.)


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