EM6330 The webpage of the camera, Detect if Flash is installed/enabled

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Note ! : Only available from firmware version firmwareversion V11. and higher.

We added a new feature to the web interface. Now the webinterface will automatically check if Adobe Flash is installed and Enabled for the browser you are using. If Adobe Flash is not installed or enabled you will get the following screen.


To install and/or enable flash for your browser click on the link “https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer

At first you will be redirected to the Adobe flash site to download and install the flash player. After installation close your browser and restart your browser and return to the web interface. The browser will do the same check again if Flash is installed but not enabled you will again see the following screen.


Press again on the link “https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer” this time the flash will be enabled for your browser if prompted click “Allow”. You will be redirected to the selection screen now when you click the Live stream you will be able t see the Live video stream of the Camera.

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