EM7680 how do I enable the Blu-ray menu, for the EM7680 with Firmware version: Kodi 19.4?

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Please follow the steps below.

  • Make sure the media player is connected to the Network.
  • Install "Java Runtime Blu-ray environment 8 for Blu-ray" as follows:
  • In the main menu navigate to "Add-ons" and press OK (remote control).
  • On the right side, navigate to "Search."
  • Type here: Java
  • OK (remote control) and select "Script-JRE for BD-J menus" by Team CoreELEC - 19.4.100 again OK (remote control).
  • Restart the media player and wait until the main menu appears again.
  • Now navigate to the cogwheel (system), go to the tile "Player" → "Discs".
  • Check among other things that the option "Try to go directly to the DV menu" is enabled
  • Check if the option "Show Blu-ray menu" has been selected for "Blu-ray playback mode".