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Important notice regarding your rights as a consumer

The benefits we provide in this manufacturer's warranty are in addition to any rights and remedies you may have under local consumer protection. Nothing in this warranty limits or affects your statutory rights.

This manufacturer's warranty is subject to the laws of the country where the EMINENT product was purchased. In many countries, consumers have rights under local consumer legislation. These consumer rights may vary from country to country and region to region and often cannot be excluded. Your local consumer rights organisation can advise you of your legal rights.


What is covered by this warranty?

Product Warranty: EMINENT warrants that this EMINENT product and components inseparable from the product concerned will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for the warranty period described below. This means that the product will be free from defects during this period and that its function will correspond to the description of the product.


How long does the product warranty last?

EMINENT's five-year warranty applies to all EMINENT products from the original date of purchase, unless otherwise stated before or at the time of purchase from an authorised dealer. Upon purchase of a used EMINENT product, the remaining warranty period is measured from the time of purchase by the original owner of the product.


EMINENT's warranty applies to all EMINENT products and parts, which are inseparably connected to or fitted to the product in question. EMINENT's warranty does not cover power adapters, batteries, accumulators and all other products not directly integrated or connected to the main product or accessories where it can be reasonably assumed that the wear and tear during use will be different to that of the main product.


If the product is defective on arrival or during the guarantee period, your product is covered by the warranty. A product is defective on arrival if it does not work when you first try to connect/use it. If the product is defective on arrival, always return it to the original retailer. You can make a claim against the seller under this guarantee or your statutory rights as a consumer. You can also make a claim under this warranty by contact EMINENT technical support. To contact them, click on the "Service" link on the EMINENT website. Our technical support team can then assist you in identifying/confirming a defect.


What is not covered by the warranty?

  • EMINENT cannot be held responsible for changes in network settings by Internet service providers. We cannot guarantee that the EMINENT (network) product will continue to operate when settings are changed by ISPs;
  • EMINENT cannot guarantee the operation of web services, apps and other third party content available through EMINENT products;
  • EMINENT cannot guarantee that the product, software or services will always operate uninterrupted or error-free;
  • EMINENT cannot guarantee that the product, software or services or any equipment, systems or networks on which the product, software or services are used, are 100% secure and cannot be hacked;


Note: Although EMINENT makes no promises in this warranty, you may have additional rights under consumer law.


Does this guarantee always apply?

This warranty does not apply if:


  • the product has been tampered with or the serial number and IIC code has been removed or defaced;
  • the product has been subjected to incorrect/inadequate use;
  • external influences or when the service parts of the product have been opened by parties other than EMINENT;
  • the product has been modified or altered by anyone not employed by EMINENT;
  • the warranty claim was made illegally or with the intent to deceive;
  • the product has not been installed, operated, repaired or maintained in accordance with EMINENT's instructions;
  • the product has been subjected to abnormal physical or electrical stress, abuse, negligence or self-inflicted damages;
  • the damage to the product is cosmetic, such as scratches and dents, or damage resulting from normal wear and tear or normal aging of the product;
  • the product is supplied or licensed as a beta version or for evaluation, testing or demonstration purposes and you have not purchased or licensed the product;
  • the damage to the connected equipment is caused by force majeure, including damage caused by accidents or disasters such as lightning, fire, floods, earthquakes, war, vandalism or theft;
  • the damage to the connected equipment is caused by a power failure, persistent low voltage or low voltage fault, including but not limited to under voltage or voltage drops;

What solutions does EMINENT offer?

If you have a legitimate claim under the product warranty with respect to the defective EMINENT product, EMINENT will, at its option:


  • Replace the product with another reasonably equivalent new or reconditioned EMINENT product. EMINENT may use remanufactured materials to repair or replace the defective Product.


  • Replacement products are warranted for the remainder of the original warranty period with a minimum of thirty (30) days. All products replaced will become the property of EMINENT.


  • EMINENT will always attempt to provide technical and security updates for its products as long as it is technically possible. The product support will last for at least the first 5 years after the product introduction. However, there will always be situations where the hardware is so outdated that updates are no longer technically possible. In addition, some functionalities may be disabled by third parties.


Note: The above rights and remedies are the only rights and remedies available under this warranty. However, you may have additional rights under consumer law.





General Limitations of Liability

In certain circumstances, it is possible for EMINENT to vary or exclude any warranties, conditions or guarantees implied or imposed by law and to otherwise limit EMINENT's liability to consumers. In those jurisdictions where it is legally possible, and to the extent permitted by law, EMINENT:


  • exclude all liability for any loss of or damage to data caused by the use of or repair to an EMINENT product;
  • EMINENT shall in no event be liable for any consequential or incidental damages, loss of profits or other commercial loss arising out of the use of this product.
  • limit its legal financial liability to you to the price you paid for the EMINENT product.
  • If a warranty cannot be excluded or disclaimed, it is limited to the duration of the applicable express warranty period.


Eminent technical support and warranty information


Where can I get help?

If you have a question or problem related to a product, please go to https://support.eminent-online.com/hc. There you will find all support and information about the product.


What should I do if my product is faulty?

If you have a problem you should always take the product back to the original seller. You can make a claim against the seller based on this guarantee or your statutory rights as a consumer.


You can also invoke this warranty or your statutory rights as a consumer by contact technical support via the "Service" link on the EMINENT website or directly at https://support.eminent-online.com/hc. In order to be able to help you with your complaint about a defective product, we need more information from you. Therefore, please fill in the questionnaire on the webpage as completely as possible.


In some cases you will have to return the product to our support center so that we can repair or replace it. If we ask you to return the product to us, we will provide you with a Support Center Ticket number and the address where you can send the product. You must pack and ship the product properly. It is important that we can recognise the product when it reaches us. So always include the Support Center Ticket number AND a copy of your original proof of purchase with date with the returned product (keep the original proof of purchase). Do not forget to include your name and address. We also recommend that you send the package by registered and insured mail or by courier service to protect the package during transport. In some countries we may ask you to return the defective product to the place of purchase. EMINENT is not obliged to bear the costs of shipping a defective product.


What happens if I return my product?

Defective products covered by this guarantee will be repaired or replaced free of charge. EMINENT may use remanufactured materials to repair or replace the defective product. It is up to EMINENT to determine which solution is provided.


We may ship replacement or repaired products only to locations within the country where the original product was purchased.


EMINENT may need to delete all or part of your data in order to repair or replace the product. EMINENT may also install software updates as part of its warranty service. PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOU BACK-UP ALL DATA ON THE PRODUCT BEFORE SENDING IT FOR REPAIR OR REPLACEMENT. EMINENT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOSS OF DATA OR SOFTWARE DURING REPAIR.


Your point of purchase may refuse or charge for repairs or replacements not covered by this warranty or your statutory rights as a consumer.


Technical Support

This warranty is not a service or support agreement. Questions about your product, tips and software downloads can be found at https://support.eminent-online.com/hc.

EMINENT offers many different ways to support you. Click on "Service" on the EMINENT webpage or go to the relevant website https://support.eminent-online.com/hc. Adjust the language if necessary.


This warranty is provided to you by: EMINENT, Koolhovenstraat 1E, 3772 MT Barneveld, The Netherlands. EMINENT is a trademark of the publicly traded TKH Group


Barneveld, June 2022