About Eminent

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Eminent provides high-quality ICT accessories, with which our customers can benefit from the possibilities offered by the digital world. We strive to deliver maximum support to our users and resellers. The product groups we focus on are networking, surveillance, computer accessories and 4K media players.

Our Vision

Eminent strives to create solutions to make the use of technological products simple. We create solutions by looking not only at what a product can do, but above all how people make use of it.

Designed for daily use!

Eminent’s product developers have a clear goal when developing a product. Each product must be easy to use and easy to install. We look closely at how our customers use the products in their daily environment. Technology keeps evolving and consumer demands are subject to change, Eminent continuously offers product updates.
The Eminent Quick Install Guides are available in many different languages and show how to use a product. Instead of technical terms, we provide practical tips and recommendations, so that manuals are accessible to anyone.

Service is the key

In some cases a multilingual Quick Install Guide does not provide the answer to all questions. Therefore, Eminent is stongly focussed on their sales and after sales support.

We care about our looks

The attractive and clear Eminent packagings show the functionality of the products. We consider the packaging an important tool to communicate the features of a product.