IMPORTANT: Change in support and operation of the EM8615 and EM8617 Alarm Systems

Nowadays, technological developments and demands are increasing rapidly. This also applies to the platforms of the EM8615 and EM8617 alarm systems. These platforms no longer meet the requirements and it is unfortunately not possible to upgrade them. Therefore we had to decide to end the support of these platforms.

As of April 1st 2022, the servers which communicate with the EM8615 and EM8617 will be disabled in stages. It can occur that if you have multiple alarm systems, one alarm system is still fully operational while the other alarm system has limited functionality. Shutting down the servers will affect the operation of the alarm systems. From that moment on, push messages will no longer be sent. Furthermore, other restrictions will apply to each system.

The alarm system can be used via the remote control or SMS commands. The EM8615 will not work via the app. Adding accessories is still possible via the base station. Operation by phone will only be possible via SMS commands. Alarm notifications (push messages) on the phone will no longer function.

It is still possible to operate and use the alarm. This is not possible with the OV2 app, only via the remote control. New accessories can’t be added or removed. Important: do not reset the alarm to its factory settings! Alarm notifications (push messages) on the phone will no longer function.


Please note that the EM8615 and OV2 Alarm iOS and Android apps are no longer supported. There will be no more updates for the apps and alarm systems.