EM6330 IMPORTANT: Change in support and operation of the IP camera series Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro

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At the moment, technological developments and demands are increasing rapidly. This also includes the platforms of our Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro IP cameras. The Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro platforms no longer meet the requirements and are no longer upgradable. Necessarily, we unfortunately had to decide to end the support of both IP camera platforms: Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro.

As of 1-1-2022 the operation of the Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro IP cameras will change. From this day on, the servers which are used to externally access your IP camera, will be disabled. This affects the operation of your IP camera. The moment the servers are switched off, remote access is no longer possible. Push notifications will no longer work.

The servers are switched off in stages. It is possible that if you have multiple cameras running, one camera can lose remote access sooner than another camera. External access can still be realised with a Synology NAS or QNAP NAS (please consult the website of the NAS manufacturer). Internally, via your own home network, the cameras are working as usual. 

Please note that the Easy Pro View and CamLine Pro iOS and Androids apps will no longer be supported and there are no more updates for the apps and cameras.

Camera models:

Easy Pro View: EM6250, EM6250HD, EM6260, EM6270, EM6275

CamLine Pro: EM6225, EM6230, EM6325, EM6330, EM6331, EM6350, EM6355, EM6360