EM7680 Setup the TV streamer

  • Updated
  1. Make sure the “On/Off” switch is switched to ‘On’ to start up the TV streamer.
  2. Once the EM7680 has booted, a wizard appears. This wizard can be used to setup the TV streamer.

During the start of the wizard, you will notice some default add-ons, like subtitle and weather add-on being updated when you have connected the streamer to the Internet.


  1. Click “Next”. The following screen appears.


  1. You have the option to change the name of your TV streamer. If you wish to change the TV streamers name, you can change the name so it will be recognizable when you see the TV streamer in your network. Click “Next”. The following screen appears:


  1. If you choose to setup your network connection wirelessly, then please select your wireless network name and fill out the corresponding security key. Click “Next”. The following screen appears:


  1. You will notice that Samba and SSH for sharing and remote access are at default enabled. We advise you to leave these options enabled. Click “Next”. The following screen appear:


  1. Click “Next”. Your TV Streamer is now ready to use.


All these settings you have entered or changed can also be changed in the “Settings” menu.