EM7680 Share media from Windows computer

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Remark: When you have followed below instructions and all of a sudden you experience the same issue, it is because your PC has installed a new build version for Windows 10. If your PC has installed this windows update then you will have to follow once more the same below instructions to solve this problem. 

  1. Make sure your computer is completely started and you can see the Windows desktop.
  2. Click the “Magnifying glass” (next to the start button)
  3. Enter “Control panel
  4. Select “Control panelEM7680_streamen_windows_1.jpg
  5. Click 'View network status and tasks' at 'Network and Internet'.EM7680_streamen_windows_2.jpg
  6. Click “Change advanced sharing settings”.EM7680_streamen_windows_3.jpg
  7. Click the arrow at 'Home or Work' (current profile) to unfold this menu setting. Then use the following steps:
  8. Click “Turn on network discovery”.
  9. Click “Turn on file and printer sharing”.EM7680_streamen_windows_4.jpg
  10. Click the arrow at “All networks” to unfold this menu setting. Then use the following steps:
  11. Click “Turn off password protected sharing”.
  12. Click "Turn on Media Streaming"
  13. Click “Save changes”.EM7680_streamen_windows_5.jpg

Creating a shared folder:

Now you have setup Windows, you need to select a folder, or you need to create a folder. This folder will be used to store your media files. During the next chapter we will explain how to share a folder.

  1. Use the start menu to select 'Computer' and select the system disk (C:-disk).
  1. Select the file you want to share, You can also create a new folder by right-clicking the mouse and choose 'New folder'. Give this newly created folder a name.
  2. Right-click this folder and choose 'Properties'.
  3. Go to 'Sharing' and choose 'Share'.
  4. Click the arrow and choose 'Everyone'. Also, add 'Administrator'.
  5. Choose the user rights at 'Permission level'. Select 'Read' or ‘Read/write'. Both available levels can be used.
  6. Click 'Share' to share the folder with the assigned users and corresponding user permissions. You will now be able to acces the shared folder(s) of Windows 10 following the next chapter.


Pay attention! It is important that you share the root directory and not only a sub directory . If you only share a sub directory, the root directory will not be shared correctly and you will receive an error message via your media player that you do not have the correct authorization.