EM1500 How to configure Windows 10 in order to extend my Desktop onto 2 screens

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In order to have an Application appear on the desired monitor, please follow the instructions below : 

-Click with the right mouse button on an empty location on your Desktop and choose for
“Display Settings” in the context menu.

-Navigate to “Display”, and thereafter navigate to “Multiple displays”.

-Choose here for “Extend these displays” or “Duplicate these displays” and click on “Save


Extend these displays:

In case the focus lies, for example on the screen to your right, i.e. you see all Desktop icons on this screen, let’s call this “screen 2” and the screen on your left “screen 1”. Drag from screen 2, e.g. the application “Outlook” with your left mouse button all the way to the left side of screen 2, and the application will appear on screen 1, in order for you to keep on continuing working on screen 2.