EM6304 Message : Username and password are incorrect when login via IP with Internet Explorer; although the correct password has been entered

  • Updated

-During the first setup or after default factory settings, you’re able to logon into the NVR with only the username “admin” without entering a password

-In case a password has been entered in the Startup wizard or in the Basic→User setting, then this password is also valid, when approaching the NVR through the Internet Explorer

-In case no password has been set and you’re approaching the NVR through the Internet Explorer, then a message will appear, asking to configure a password (mandatory)

-A password configured through the Internet Explorer, is immediately a valid password, in case you physically login onto the NVR

-However; in case the password will be changed again physically in the NVR, you will encounter problems when logging in again through the Internet Explorer. The message “Username or password is incorrect!” will keep appearing. Although the correct password has been entered, which has been confirmed by successfully logging into the NVR physically with the same password.

-The only solution to this problem is: to physically logging into the NVR and carry out a factory default setting, and to reconfigure a final password in the NVR or through the Internet Explorer

Example IP-address NVR: