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EM7480 r11696 firmware

Version r11696 (08-01-2015)
New functions:
When accessing a DVD or Blu-Ray folder by pressing the “OK” button on your remote, we have added a pop-up menu where you can choose to Play or Browse the folder.

Bug fix YouTube freezes if HD streams are played longer than 15 minutes.
A folder containing multiple MP4 files will now play all the MP4 files after each other when the “>>|” button is pressed on the remote.
Bug fix DVD folder/ISO without DVD menu not able to select subtitles.

Technical adjustments:
Facebook APP deleted.

Download software :

EM7480 thumbgen template

Windows 8/10 Samba fix

Due to security reasons, Microsoft has decided to end the support for SMBv1. This results that since the "Creator Update", Windows 10 will no longer work with SMB1 protocol. While this player only supports SMBv1 protocol, it is necessary to apply the following instructions so that you will be able to stream again from your Windows 10 PC / laptop.

A registry tweak will re-enable the SMBv1 in Windows and so it will make sure you can again stream files with the player via your home network.