EM6360 Mount the camera to the ceiling

  • Updated
  • First remove the 3 screws on the base


  • Remove the camera ring from the base.


  • Use the mounting stand to mark the holes at the location where you want to mount
    the camera (optionally mark a hole for the Ethernet cable as well).
  • Drill the holes and fill the holes with the supplied plugs.
  • Make sure the Ethernet cable of the camera is situated correctly before mounting
    the bracket.
  • Mount the bracket stand to the wall or ceiling using the supplied screws.


  • Mount the camera housing to the bracket with the camera base (do not tighten the
    screws to much so the camera angle can still be adjusted.


  • Connect the cabling using the part below, as explained in the instruction manual. 


  • Once the camera is aligned correctly after checking the view in the APP tighten
    the screws to secure the cameras angle.