EM6400 E-Smartlife app, interface, Scenes and Automations

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This is where scenes and automations are shown and can be created.


  1. Tap “EM64XX_TAP.png” to move or remove current scenes or automations.

- Changing the order is simply done by sliding vertically

- Deleting is done by sliding a specific scene or automation to the left and tap “Delete

  1. Tap “+”on the upper right corner to add a new scene or automation, the options for each are described below.
  2. Scenes: scenes are created and shown here and can be activated by simply tapping them.
  3. Automations: automations are created and shown here


A scene is a shortcut to do multiple preset things at once, you can set:

  • Name of the scene (also used on main screen as well as by voice assistants commands)
  • Image (choose any of the preset images)
  • Unlimited number of actions (including enabling or disabling an automation)
  • Whether or not to show on first page 

On the bottom right of each tile is a small button to edit this specific scene


Automation is to set one or more actions triggered by one or more events.

Here you can set the following:

  • Name (used on main screen as well as by voice assistants commands)
  • Image (choose any of the preset images)
  • Type of conditions (only applicable when combining multiple conditions as trigger)

- When ALL set conditions are met

- When ANY of the set conditions are met

 The following conditions can be selected:

  • Any notification from a sensor, detector or camera
  • Any state of a product which is set manually or automatically
  • A specific time of day (which can be repeated on selected days)
  • The sunrise or sunset
  • Weather conditions (these are approximates based on your set location)

 Each condition can simple be removed by sliding it to the left and tapping “Delete

Actions to be executed can be:

  • Activating a scene
  • Activating another automation (to enable or disable an existing automation)
  • Switching a product on/off
  • Set a lighting product to a certain mode, brightness or temperature

Example: You can set a scene for the IP camera to turn on a Plug-in power switch when motion is detected and turn off again after 10 seconds



Below you can find a instruction video about te Scenes and Automatons.