EM6400 E-Smartlife app, interface, Main screen

  • Updated

EM64XX_app_main_screen.png1. My Home Tap is to select or manage your different locations(e.g. my home,office,etc.) You can change

  • Name
  • Rooms
  • Location
  • Device sharing
  • Add location members 

2. “+” Tap this to add new products (in the selected location), see instructions.

3. Weather information: estimated weather information is shown, based on your set location.

4. Scenes: when creating a scene, it can be selected whether or not to shown on first page. If they are said to be shown, this is where they will be shown.

5. Rooms: select a room to only show the products that have been assigned to this room. This too quickly find the products relevant for that room.

6. Room management: tap the cog on the right to add or edit rooms Choose a predefined room or enter any custom name and confirm. Tap the newly created room to assign or unassign products to this room. When unassigning, the products are not being removed, but are still available under “All devices”.

7. All installed products or product groups are shown here Tap the product tile to access the product page, the main interface for the specific product.

8. Main navigation between different displays

  • My location = Device list (main page as mentioned above)
  • Scene = Scenes and Automations
  • Profile = Personal profile and general app settings