EM6355 CamLine Pro PC software, software settings

  • Updated

Software settings

  • Run at start up (Software will start automatically after Windows is started).
  • Use last viewed streams at start up (Show the last viewed streams at start up)
  • Exit to verify identity
  • Auto login (automatically login with last used user)
  • Display background (Show background in empty screens)
  • Running only one instance (Limit the software so it can only be opened once on the PC)
  • Minimize to system tray
  • Skin type (Select a different Skin type)
  • Index manager (here you can change the index settings)

Config manager

  • The configuration manager provides the possibility to back up your settings and recover your settings from a backup.

 User manager

  • The user manager provides you the possibility to add/change/delete users. Further you can also manage the permissions per role.

Important ! : If you use the camera in combination with the EM6304 NVR, then the password you entered with the admin user is the password that you also need to use when adding the camera to the NVR.

Recording manager

  • Set the schedule when you would like the software to start or stop recording further you can set which drives the PC software may use to store its recordings to.

By default, the snapshots and recordings are stored in D:\pictures, D:\Record.

Alarm manager

  • Determine what the software should do in case of an alarm event has occurred.