EM4720 How do I configure my router so I will be able to use a function that needs to be accessible from an external location (port forwarding)?

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The EM4720 has a built-in firewall that protects your network by blocking unwanted traffic from the Internet. By Port Forwarding you instruct the router that all the data packets that come in on a specific port need to be forwarded to a specific device.


  • allow Internet users to browse or download on your local network (for example, by providing a FTP or HTTP server)
  • play certain games which require accessibility from the Internet.


1. From the left-hand menu, click on “Firewall” – “Port Forwarding”.


  You will see the following screen.



2. Click the On/Off switch in the field “Enable Port Forwarding”. Click “Apply

3. In the field ‘Local IP address” you can fill out the IP address of the computer for which you want to open the specific ports.

4. Enter the port of the service that need to be forwarded in the field “Internal Port”.

5. Fill out the same port in the “External Port” field.

6. You can also add a comment so you always know why this Port needs to be filtered.

7. Once you have finished the settings, click “ADD”.

Be aware, if you have connected your EM4720 behind another modem/router that your External IP address first needs to be forwarded in your modem/router otherwise your modem/router will still be the one that blocks the ports that you just have opened through your EM4720.