EM6350 Installing the software and camera on a PC or notebook (Windows)

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Before you can view the video of the camera, you need to install the software ”CamLine Pro”.

  1. Download the PC software from our website www.eminent-online.com
  2. Unzip the file on your windows PC
  3. Click the file "setup.exe"
  4. Run the wizard to install the application CamLine Pro.
  5. The application is installed on the PC
  6. Open “CamLine Pro”. (If prompted with a screen about the firewall click “always allow”).
  7. A pop-up screen will appear to enter the user credentials. Default user = admin, default password = admin
  8. Click the icon EM63XX___button.png to add the camera
  9. Give the camera you wish to add a name for example “Living room”.
  10. To add the camera manually enter the camera ID located on the ID/password card (proceed with step 13).
  11. If the computer and the EM6350 is connected to the same network, the Camera can be added by clicking “LAN search”.
  12. The ID of the camera located on the Camera ID card or the bottom label will appear in the camera list and can now be selected.
  13. Press “OK”.
  14. The default password entered by the PC software is “ipcam” select the password field and change the password to match the password located on the Camera ID card and press “OK”.EM63XX_Camera_install_kaart_ID_Password.png