EM6355 Download Firmware, Software

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Download firmware for EM6355 : 

Actual version :

EM6355 CamLine Pro 2 V10. firmware update

EM6355 CamLine Pro 2 V10. firmware installation guide

New features: • Change the WiFi Smart config to work with CamLine Pro 2
Improvements: • Removed UPNP to improve the security. • Removed the users: user and guest to improve the security.

Previous firmware version :

EM6355 V10. firmware update 

EM6355 V10. firmware update installation Guide

EM6355 V10. firmware update

Download Windows software:

CamLine Pro windows software (Port 443) Use this version for the above firmware's

CamLine Pro windows software (Port 81)

When you install the CamLine Pro software, then it is recommend to start this as a Administrator.  Press with the right mouse button on the  "CamLine Pro" installation file and then select "Install as administrator" .

IP Camera Search/Reset tool

Use this tool if you lost your password of the IP-Camera to reset the password to "ipcam". After reset please change the password of the camera to a easy to remember personal password to avoid unauthorized access to the cameras video stream.


With the "Player" program, you can playback videofiles that have been recorded with the CamLine Pro PC software

Android software:

CamLine_Pro_2_Android_APP (APK)

CamLine Pro Android APP (APK)

CamLine Pro Android 6 & 7 compatible APP 

Since Android 8 and 9 the push notification is no longer working on Android 6 and 7 devices when installing the latest version of the APP. This version of the APP is compatible with Android 6 and 7. After installation please make sure the APP is not updated automatically in the Play store.