EM6304 After installation of the DVR the device starts to beep when the device is switched on. How can I switch it off?

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The NVR will detect that the hard disk is not formatted and will start to beep to notify the user. Format the hard disk to make sure the alarm notification is no longer triggered.

1. Click ‘Start’.
2. You need to login using an admin account. Fill out the password you have set during the wizard and click ‘Login’ or do not fill out a password if you have not used the wizard or if you do not have set a password and click ‘Login’.
3. Click ‘Disk’.
4. You will now see the status of the internal hard disk.
5. Place a mark at the ‘Format’ box.
6. Click ‘Format’.
7. Click ‘Yes’ at the ‘Are you sure you want to format this drive’ question after which a ‘Formatting’ screen appears. Please be patient while the hard disk is being formatted.
8. Click ‘OK’ at the ‘Formatting success!’ screen.
9. The internal hard disk is now ready to be used.