EM6304 I would like to access my NVR from an external location

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If you want to access your NVR system from an external location using the Internet browser, it is important to type the correct port number behind your external ( WAN ) IP-address. Port "1024" should be open in your router to access your NVR and port "9000" should be open to view the video image of all the connected cameras.

For example:

Your NVR will receive an IP-address of your router as follows:

This IP-address will be accessible via the Internet when you open port 1024 in your router for the corresponding IP Address of your NVR (port forwarding). Consult your routers manual how to use port forwarding.

Now you can access your NVR from an external location via the Internet browser by typing port 1024 behind the external ( WAN ) IP-address.

You can find your external Ip address at https://www.whatismyip.com/


Log in with your username and password.

Do not forget to also open port 9000 in your router otherwise you have no access to you camera images.

If you try to log in at work environment it is a possibility that the access will be blocked by a firewall. Please consult your system administrator.