EM6420 How do I deactivate/delete my E-SmartLife account?

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To deactivate/delete your E-martLife account.

  • Open the E-SmartLife App and go to “Profile”
  • Tick in the top screen on the arrow > right next at the E-mail address
  • Go to “Account and Security”
  • Tick on “Deactivate account”
  • Tap on “Confirm”

 Above the button “Confirm” you’ll see the message “Your Account Will Be Closed Permanently 3/6/2020 00:00:00 (current date for example is: 2/27/2020)

Underneath the message “If you login to your account BEFORE above date, your DEACTIVATION REQUEST will be REVOKED”. 

So, you have approximately 8 days to reconsider your deactivation request.

With this, a reset for the camera has also been carried out.

Amongst other, the following information/files will be removed:

All device information, message logs, account information, all images/video files captured by the camera, smart device status information, Gateway information etc.