EM6420 I cannot setup my camera with my Telenet modem , The App indicates that i am connected to a 5GHz network.

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The EM6420 camera only supports 2,4GHz WiFi networks.

When you have a Telenet modem that only broadcasts 1 WiFi name for both 2.4 and 5GHz networks,  the APP will indicate that you are connected to a 5GHz WiFi network. Therefore the WiFi connection cannot be configured using the default procedure.. 

There are 2 options to connect the camera to your Telenet modem

Option 1 : Set the telenet modem to broadcast 2 different network names for 2.4 and 5GHz networks.

• Go to “mijntelenet.be
• Under the "internet" section, click on "home network / my company network"
• Click on “Modem Details
• Click on “Security
• Click on the lock at “One WiFi network
• Check “I understand” and click “Continue
• Now adjust the "One WiFi network" option to disabled.
• You now get the option to change the WiFi name (SSID).

After using option 1, you can follow the standard procedure for connecting the camera to your WiFi network. 

Option 2 : Configure camera via AP-mode

• Open the APP.
• Now press “+” in the APP to add a camera.
• Select the camera that you want to add.
• Press "Otherwise".
• Select "AP-mode".
• Follow the instructions in the APP.