EM6400 E-Smartlife app, Add device (QR-Code configuration)

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  1. Tap “+” on the top right corner. A list of potential products appears.
  2. Select the device type you want to add from the list
  3. Activate the device to be added by plugging it in.
  4. Make sure a tone is heard (as shown in example in the application) and tap the button to confirm. If a tone is not heard hold the reset button.
  5. Confirm your phone is connected to the Wi-Fi network to which the device will be added, enter the Wi-Fi password and confirm.
  6. Read the instructions in the app and tap “Continue
  7. Hold the QR code in front of the camera and wait for a confirmation tone to be heard.
  8. Now the device will be searched, make sure your phone and the device are close to the router to optimize reception.
  9. After the product is found and added, rename it so you can easily recognize it.

Note ! : If above method fails (this can be due to unstable network or specific network protection) add the device using WiFi Smart configuration by following the steps below.