EM6360 Install CamLine Pro cameras on a Qnap NAS

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Before we can set the camera on the Qnap Surveillance station, we first have to find the IP address of the IP camera. If you do not know the IP address of the camera, you can find it via the CamLine Pro PC software. 

TIP ! : To ensure that the camera always uses the same IP address, we recommend that you set a fixed IP for the camera when you want to add it to the Qnap Surveillance station. If you do not do this and the IP camera gets a new IP address because your modem / router has had a reset, the surveillance station can no longer record the camera images. 

  • First we have to find the IP address of the IP camera. If you do not know the IP address of the camera, you can find it via the CamLine Pro PC software or APP. Start the CamLine Pro software on your PC. click "+ -> LAN search". Your camera will now appear in the list with the Camera ID, behind it is the IP address and the port number.
  • Write down the IP address of your camera.
  • Now that you have noted the data of the IP camera you can log in to the Qnap NAS.
  • Log into the NAS by entering the IP address of the NAS in the web browser, or use the Qfinder software from QNAP and double click on the NAS.


  • Click on "Log in" and log in with login data from the NAS.


  • Click on "Surveillance station" (If this is not yet installed first on the NAS) and log in with the known data.


  • Click on "Camera configuration"
  • Click on "Add"


  • Check the option "Search automatically for camera (s)".
  • Click on "Next"


  • In the search type option, select "ONVIF"


  • You will now see a list of all available IP cameras in your network, select the camera you want to add to the NAS and press "OK".


  • Select for Camera brand "Eminent" and the camera model.
  • Change the port number that corresponds to the camera (by default this is 443 or 81)
  • The settings for the camera are entered directly, but you still have to enter the username and password and possibly give the camera a name.
  • Click on "Next"


  • In the "Video settings" option you can select the resolution you want to use for the camera (640x352 (VGA), 1280x720 (HD)) .
  • Also set the desired frame rate (images per second) we recommend 25-30.
  • In terms of quality, the highest number is the highest quality.
  • If required, switch on the additional options such as: Sound recording, Save minimum number of days of recordings, automatically take pictures.
  • Click on "Next"


  • Change the recording schedule if desired and click on "Next".
  • Confirm the settings by clicking "Next" again.
  • Click on "Finish"


  • Click on "Playback" at the top of the screen, now you will be asked to download and install the QVRview.exe plugin.
  • Click on “Playback” again, now the following screen appears


  • Click on the "Play" button to play the recordings
  • To view live images click on the EM63XX_NAS_QNAP_live_bekijken_icon.png icon to view the live stream.