EM6331 The webpage of the camera, Advanced Settings

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User accounts

Here you can see 3 types of users Admin/User/Guest you can change the Name of the account and also the password used for this account.

The user that is used by the APP is always the Admin user do not change the name of the Admin user if you are planning to use the camera with the CamLine Pro APP.

The User account and the Guest account can only view and control the video/audio stream but cannot change any settings.

The admin user is also used to access the camera using ONVIF and RTSP

Snapshot Scheduling

Here you can set the scheduling for the camera to save a snapshot to the SD-Card and/or FTP server. You can determine the time between every snapshot.

Timer record 

Here you can set a schedule on which the camera should record to the SD card (this is 24/7 recording as standard)

How do I set my camera to record constantly or at certain times.

You want to set your camera to record on SD at certain times. To set this up, you use a schedule.

Below are the steps how you can adjust these settings.

First we have to find the IP address of the IP camera. If you do not know the IP address of the camera, you can find it via the CamLine Pro PC software.

  • Start the CamLine Pro PC software and click on the + icon next click on “LAN search". The camera can be located by its ID number as noticed on the ID-card. Double click with the left mouse button on the "camera ID number" and an Internet browser will open automatically.
  • In the address bar of the browser, you will see for example the IP-address: :443 = port number and is applicable in case you have installed the most recent Firmware for your camera. In case you not seeing a login screen after the Internet browser has been opened, then the camera does not have the most recent Firmware version installed and is port :81 applicable. Change port: 443 into 81 e.g. and press “Enter” in order to reload the page.
  • The login screen will appear now, the default user name = admin and the password you are able to retrieve from the ID-card (4 cipher digits) you received along with the camera. After a reset or Firmware update the default password will be hereafter: ipcam
  • You are able to change the default password or in the CamLine Pro App or through the IP-address (as described above) at “Advanced Settings” and finally at “User Accounts”.
  • After signing in; click on "Sign in" (for IE, Firefox etc.).
  • Click on "Options" (cog wheel).
  • In the left menu select "Advanced settings" followed by "Timer record".
  • Set the "Enable recording:" option to "Yes".
  • The time blocks marked green indicate that the camera recording function is enabled at that time and that the camera will start recording. The time blocks marked in white are the time blocks where the recording is not active.
  • You can also set the duration per each recording and also which stream should be used for the recording.
  • Press "OK" to save the settings.