EM7680 Stream media from Windows computer

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In the following steps we will describe how to stream your videos through Windows. Be aware that these descriptions will be the same if you want to stream “Music” or “Pictures


Note : You can use the included remote control or if available a wired/wireless keyboard. Using a wireless keyboard is very helpful if you need to fill out data which is required for adding a Windows network share. All wireless keyboards including 2,4GHz dongle should normally work, except for Bluetooth keyboard. Also note that FN and media keys might not function.


  1. Please make sure your TV streamer is powered on and connected to your home network if you want to stream media from your Windows PC or laptop.
  2. Once the TV streamer has booted, the home screen appears:


  1. Use the navigation buttons to go to “Movies”. Press the “OK” button on your remote control. The following screen appears:


  1. Press “Add videos” and click “OK” button on your remote control. The following screen appears:


  1. Select ‘Browse” and press “OK” button on your remote control. The following screen appears:


  1. Select ‘add network location’ and press the ”OK” button on your remote control. The following screen appears:


In the new window make sure Protocol Windows network ( SMB ) is selected for your Network Share, then fill out Server Name. To retrieve your PC name simply just press the “Windows” key plus “Pause/Break” key on your keyboard. The system window will open and you will see your PC name. In the Share folder section, type “exactly” the name of the folder you wish to add. Then if your share requires a Username and Password enter them in the appropriate sections. This is normally the same username and password you will use to login your windows account. If you have never entered a username and password for you windows account, then these fields can remain empty. Select "OK" and your share should appear in the Browse for new share list.


  1. Select the video directory you wish to add and press the “OK” button on your remote control. The following screen appears:


  1. You will notice the full network path of “your media directory” you have added in the previous steps. By default Kodi will leave the name of the media source the same as your original media directory. You will also notice that Kodi will give you the option to change the name of the media source. You are free to enter a name at your will. Select “OK” to add your video source. The following screen appears:


  1. It is not necessary but you have the option to set a movie database to collect info about your video files. For more info about how to set content for your video files use the following link: http://kodi.wiki/
  1. Select “OK” and press “OK” on you remote control. Kodi will show you shared media source in “Movies”. The following screen appears:


  1. Press the “OK” button on your remote control to view and play your video files.