EM4720 How do I configure my router as a repeater?

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1 Please make sure that the WAN port from your EM4720 is not connected. 

2. Launch your internet web browser on your computer and type in your browsers address bar.

3. Please enter the User Name: admin and Password: admin and then click on “OK” button.

4. From the left-hand menu, click on “Home” and “Operation Mode”.

You will see the following screen:

5. Select “Repeater” and choose which Wi-Fi band you wish to configure as repeater. As example we will use 2.4GHz.

6. Click on the “Save” button. Your router will reboot and save the settings. 

7. Click on “Setup Wizard”. You will see the following screen:


8. Choose “Repeater” and click “Next”. You will see the following screen.

9. You have the option to keep the same SSID network name, but we suggest to change the SSID for  both 2.4GHz and 5GHz to check if you have properly configured the router as repeater. 

10. For example we will use SSID name Eminent_5GHz_R and Eminent_R.


11. Click “Next”.

12. Your router will reboot and switch to repeater mode.

13. You will now be able to connect the repeater to your existing wireless network.


 14. Select your 2.4GHz wireless network name and click on “Select”.


 15. Please enter the wireless security key to connect the repeater to your wireless 2.4GHz network.     Click “Connect”.

16. After approx. 10-20 seconds your router will notice you that you have connected successfully. If this notification will not popup then you will most likely entered the incorrect wireless encryption key.

17. Click “Reboot Now”.

18. The router will now reboot and save and apply the settings